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PaperChase Services offers California Bureau of Real Estate ("CalBRE" or in industry lingo "BRE") public report processing services.  Filing for a Public Report (also known as a "White Report") is a specialized process that homebuilders and developers of residential subdivisions and timeshare or "fractional" developments must go through in order to comply with the California Subdivided Lands Law and Timeshare Act.  A White Report is essentially the developer's permit to sell, and getting that comprehensive consumer disclosure issued by the CalBRE is truly a paper chase. This paper intensive process includes completing various forms, gathering and reviewing all of the proposed project documents (from sales agreement to homeowner association governance documents), preparing the voluminous application package, which is submitted to the CalBRE for an extensive review and approval process, resulting in issuance of the White Report.

Our public report processing or "BRE processing" services range from consulting to preparing and processing the BRE application package directly with the CalBRE.  Please visit our BRE Processing Services page for a full menu of services.

We also offer copywriting services from business correspondence to blogs because clear, concise and creative communication is key for every successful business.

Whether you are a homebuilder in need of BRE processing assistance or a small business owner needing website content or a brochure update, let PaperChase Services handle the paperwork for you!​​​

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